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Uniquement pour Tab S T805

# Based on Samsung NJ5 T805 firmware
# Deodexed, zipaligned, rooted, busybox
# Knox removed
# The rom doesn't include modem
# Totally black themed to save battery with amoled screen
# enabled native AC3 audio support
# removed samsung magazine apps and reorganized launcher custom page to improve smoothness
# Added Facelock - unlock the tablet with your face
# Built in 4-way reboot
# Added LMT launcher app for pie keys and gesture
# Compressed framework images to improve smoothness
# moved many app from /system to /data, now we have 366mb free on system partition
# hancom office updated and all editors already included in the rom
# google set as default home page in browser
# enabled exit option on browser
# removed software update from settings
# popup message notifications
# removed google kitkat limitation for ext sdcard writing
# alphabet order view by default in application drawer
# enabled secondary symbols in stock samsung keyborard
# enabled hidden settings for samsung keyboard (xnote app)
# unlimited contacts link
# enabled Call Message Block Settings
# disabled safe volume warning dialog
# allowed unknown sources apk installation from first boot
# sms display send time instead of received time
# enable/disable camera shutter sound menu
# Gmail with exchange support (removed samsung email)
# boosted speaker and headphone sound (Three levels available in X-Note app)
# ability to enable/disable advanced 4 multiwindow (xnote app)
# ability to enable/disable floating window lauch from multiwindow bar (xnote app)
# enabled multiwindow + floating window support for all apps
# enabled multi instance support for all apps
# Samsung Pinboard included
# fully working private mode
# older dropbox and hangouts version (I like more, you can update from google play if you need)
# 300+ system fonts included by default
# Changed home left shorcut from myfile to X-Note app
# device status Normal instead of Custom
# Viper 4 android audio mod (choose it in sound effects settings after enabled from viper application)

# Multi dpi feature as all our roms
# All Samsung applications reworked to allow multi density support
# Choose your screen density with X-Transformer app, available densities:
- 320 DPI (stock)
- 307 DPI
- 294 DPI
- 281 DPI
- 268 DPI
- 255 DPI
- 242 DPI
- 229 DPI
- 213 DPI
- CUSTOM DPI (between 320 and 213)

# Playstore fix xposed module, use to patch the Play store at lower densities

# X-Note reboot app
# X-Lock app

# Added X-Transormer / X-Note / X-reboot shortcuts in samsung device settings

# Ability to show/hide power menu title bar (X-Note app)
# Ability to show/hide data toggle in power menu (x-note app)
# Ability to show/hide airplane toggle in power menu (x-note app)
# Ability to enable/disable home button wake (x-note app)

# Ability to enable/disable wallpaper scrolling in home screen

# ability to launch image studio app from xnote app

# two keyboard themes available (switch with xnote app)
# Stock theme
# dark theme

# ability to remap the hardware keys to have menu instead of recents apps and longpress home will show recents (xnote app)

# ability to set clock only / personalmessage + clock in lockscreen (xnote app)
# ability to customize personal message fonts and colors

# two battery icons... please keep only one using xnote app (show/hide function):
- OG battery mod - 100+ battery icons, change on the fly with xnote app
- 3minit battery mod - heavy customization of battery icon

# double tap on status bar to turn off the screen (enable or disable with xnote app)
# custom home button and power button in status bar with ability to show/hide
# battery bar - complete customization and dynamic colors, enable or disable with xnote app
# advanced battery text - complete customization and dynamic colors
# advanced network speed meter - outgoing / incoming traffic with colors customization
# ability to set ANY custom color for the status bar background
the dropdown panel have two layers:
-first layer: ANY custom color for the dropdown panel background
-second layer: 22 images of the dropdown panel (xnote app)
you can mix both layers selecting the transparency for each one (xnote app), or just set only one transparent

# ability to set ANY custom color fro toggles and dropdown panel header backgrounds
# ability to show/hide the top sfinder button in dropdown panel
# ability to set ANY custom color for toggles with status ON - OFF - DIM
# ability to set ANY custom color for toggle text
# ability to show/hide toggle text
# ability to set ANY custom color for status bar clock
# ability to show / hide AM- PM
# ability to move the status bar clock in the center
# ability to set status bar clock font
# ability to show/hide date on the status bar
# ability to set the status bar date format
# ability to customize the color of the dropdown panel clock
# ability to customize the color of the dropdown panel date
# Ability to set the toggle number per line in the dropdown panel
# added more toggles (30+ in total)
# Added torchlight toggle
# Smart scrolling, longpress on toggle for settings
# ability to show / hide alarm icon on status bar
# ability to show / hide bluetooth icon on status bar
# ability to show / hide sound icon on status bar
# ability to show / hide brightness and sound icon on status bar
# CPU widget on dropdown panel with show/hide option and color customization

# Full Xnote app is included in the rom for T805 users, so we have additional features:
- 14 app themes
- complete tab scrolling velocity control

# Full Xtransformer app is included in the rom for T805 users, so we have additional features:
- 6 app themes

  • Une Tablette chargée, avec un recovery récent et root
  • Faire un backup de votre système actuel
  • Faire un EFS backup
  • Sauvegarder vos données : contacts, sms, memo, etc....

Downloads T805

  • Copier les fichiers sur votre carte SD externe
  • Demarrez en mode recovery (Home + Volume haut+ Power)
  • Faire un wipe Data
  • Flashez Rom
  • Reboot

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Re: [TAB S][SM-T805][ROM CUSTOM]XNOTE Build 1.0 NJ5

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