[OnePlus One][ROM CUSTOM] [MARSHMALLOW 6.0] TUGAPOWER 5.0 - ONEPLUS ONE (13/11/2015)

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[OnePlus One][ROM CUSTOM] [MARSHMALLOW 6.0] TUGAPOWER 5.0 - ONEPLUS ONE (13/11/2015)

Message par yoda le Dim 8 Nov - 17:43

Comment Installer la ROM CUSTOM TugaPower


Stop thread before deleting object reference
audio: Change the default init value for StreamDescriptor
MatroskaExtractor: don't use new buffer unless necessary
AudioPolicyService: Synchronize access to AudioPolicyManager
libcameraservice: Fix nullptr crash when no client
Play timed text even after 35.79 minutes
Remove possible div by zero in WavExtractor
libstagefright: add NULL check in MediaCodecSource's puller
camera: Allow devices to load custom CameraParameter code
libstagefright: Make it possible to skip OMX buffer reallocation
libstagefright: add missing TI color format case
Fix benign unsigned overflow in AuidoTrackShared
Refactor setPlaybackRate to avoid benign unsigned integer overflow
libstagefright : fix the bug of wrong value setting for slice-height
Don't send OnCompletion events when looping
nuplayer: don't resume if player is reseting
Fixed comparison so that both operands are treated as 64 bit
Fixed benign overflows triggered by tests CVE-2015-1538-1 and
Fix benign overflow in SampleIterator
Fix benign overflow in OMXNodeInstance
Fix benign unsigned overflow in OggExtractor
Fix benign overflow in getTimeUsOfGranule
Fix offset adjustment when skipping off-spec meta chunk
Add include guard into SampleIterator.h
Benign integer overflow in PlaylistFetcher
Fix benign unsigned integer overflow
Fix benign overflows in ACodec

Ues more descriptive strings for add accessory page
AddAccessory: Add a public constructor for AddAccessoryContentFragment
About: Add SELinux status
About: Add CyanogenMod Updates
Merge "About: Show the kernel version" into cm-13.0
Merge "Add build date (ro.build.date from build.prop) to About screen
Merge "One does not simply become a Developer" into cm-13.0
Merge "Add CyanogenMod version to the About screen" into cm-13.0

ext4_utils: ifdef socket loop

dex2oat: Increase timeout to allow slow CPUs to finish compilation
ART: Disable Clang for arm

audio: move inclusion outside of feature check

surfaceflinger: Set max acquired buffer count

libc: ARM64: add assembly strrchr
libc: ARM64: improve performance in strlen
libc: ARM64: optimize memset
libc: ARM64: Optimize memcpy
libc: ARM64: optimize memmove
libc: ARM64: remove bcopy from memset
libc: remove bcopy from memmove on 64-bit architectures
Fix arm64 fenv warnings, and make warnings errors
Sync with upstream FreeBSD libm
Revert "Revert "Use compiler builtins for fabs.""
Use __builtin_* in <math.h>
linker: Add support for dynamic "shim" libs

ntfs-3g: Fix compilation issues on M
Revert "include: define __BYTE_ORDER"

ConfigPanel: Remove unneeded Vibration permission

Avoir installé, un recovery custom  Arrow TUTO
Avoir une batterie bien chargée

Ancienne Rom

Copier/coller le fichier zip DE LA ROM dans la mémoire interne ou externe de votre téléphone.
Redémarrer le téléphone en recovery
Puis dans Backup & restore, choississez Backup pour faire une sauvegarde de votre système actuel
Sélectionnez Wipe data puis validez sur Yes.
Sélectionnez Wipe cache partiton puis validez sur Yes.
Sélectionnez Advanced puis Wipe dalvik cache puis validez sur Yes.
Sélectionnez Install .zip from sdcard.
Choisissez Choose zip file et validez.
Sélectionnez le fichier .zip désiré et validez.
Sélectionnez Reboot System Now dans le menu Recovery pour redémarrer votre téléphone.

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Re: [OnePlus One][ROM CUSTOM] [MARSHMALLOW 6.0] TUGAPOWER 5.0 - ONEPLUS ONE (13/11/2015)

Message par dls7882 le Mar 10 Nov - 17:31

Hello, merci à toi pour le partage.

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