[G935F][ROM CUSTOM][6.0.1][PW][BPJ7] SuperMan-Rom - Préroot - V1.19x Aroma

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[G935F][ROM CUSTOM][6.0.1][PW][BPJ7] SuperMan-Rom - Préroot - V1.19x Aroma

Message par Sakura le Lun 22 Mai - 14:31

[G935F][ROM CUSTOM][6.0.1][PW][BPJ7] SuperMan-Rom - Préroot - V1.19x Aroma

Based on Based on G935FXXU1BPLB


- G935FXXU1BPLB Base
- Prerooted with SuperSU V2.79 SR1, Phh root r275 or magisk phh r266-2
- Latest Busybox installed (1.25.1)
- Aroma installer!
- Full edge support!
- Xposed V87.1 is installed (choose in aroma)
- Magisk V9 (aroma selectable)
- Adblocker enabled or disabled (choose in aroma)
- Viper4Android included
- Full rom control!! V2.1
- Zipaligned
- Rom informations and logo
- choose IOS or nougat emojis in aroma
- Init.d support in Kernel
- DM-Verity disabled
- Force encrypt disabled
- ADB fully working
- Rounded UI (SystemUI tweaks if you choose in aroma)
- Applock feature build in
- Many csc tweaks!
- No sms to mms auto convertion
- Allow all apps in multiwindow
- Removed Grey statusbar in powersaving mode
- Updated all samung apps to recent version
- USB Plug/Unplug disable wake up
- Remove high volume warning for headphones
- Emergency mode in Settings/Lock screen and security
- Private mode fixed
- Enable Display Scaling in Settings
- Enable TouchKey light duration in settings
- Enable OutdoorMode
- Fully Deodexed with latest smali/baksmali method
- Removed low battery warning
- Knox stuff is removed
- Stock BPLB Kernel, SuperStock or SuperMan-Kernel (which version you choose in aroma)
- Latest TouchWiz Sources!
- Debloated, but fully functional (all removed apps can be install with playstore) - >now new! choose in aroma which bloat to install!
- Selinux permissive on custom kernels
- UDS - Ultra Data Saving
- quicklauncher in recents app
- rambar in recent
- double tap to sleep on statusbar
- re-enabled LED indicator settings
- added torch into settings
- toolbox added
- Sound Mod V18 with lot improvements! (choose in aroma)
- December Security Patches
- Many other features, please read changelog to see what changed over the time


SuperMan-Rom V1.19:
- Fully rebased and remodded on BPLB base
- Probably the most annoying bug: fixed superman romcontrol not working from stock settings (due to package change)
- fixed not installing synapse and kernel adiutor
- added build.prop tweaks selectable in aroma
- Only display csc warning if you did not install default csc which comes with the rom
- Changed ARISE to deuterium which you guys reported working fine
- Updated samsung browser with fixed secret mode
- Some other scripts cleanups
- Changed xposed 87.1 in xposed.prop as well (87.1 will now be display in xposed app  )
- Updated phh superuser apk to latest beta 10 (material)
- Updated adblocker hostfile
- Added phone info app as user app
- Updated Samsung music app (and install as user app as well)
- Updated SuperSU to V2.79 SR1
- Another attempt to fix magisk viper4android.. (included a modded audioconfig file)
- Added TWRP recoveries to aroma. You can now choose if you want to update your recovery during aroma or not!
- Updated nougat emojis from latest samsung beta
- Updated BL's to BPLB (CP is still the same)
- Updated stockkernel to BPLB
- Updated Ramdisk of SuperKernel and SuperStock to BPLB (no source code yet)
- Added scrolling launcher background to romcontrol
- Updated Kernel adiutor
- Check rom info tab for little christmas easer egg

  • Téléphone chargé
  • Paramètres, à propos de l'appareil, tapotez 10 fois version de la rom jusqu'à ce que le mode "Developpeurs" soit activé
  • Dans mode développeurs, activez "OEM unlock enable"
  • Rooté ICI  ainsi qu'un Recovery compatible MM  ICI
  • Avoir installé BL & CP de la Rom via Odin
  • Faire un backup complet
  • Sauvegarder tous ses contacts, données

Downloads SuperMan-Rom_SM-G93XF.zip

Downloads BL & CP (via Odin)


  • Téléchargez la Rom et placez le fichier sur votre SD Externe
  • Téléchargez les fichiers BL/Modem, et Odin
  • Ouvrir Odin en tant qu'administrateur (attention KIES doit être désactivé)
  • Placez  le fichier Bootloader dans BL
  • Placez le fichier Modem dans CP
  • Option : Reboot ne doit pas être coché, seul F-Reset doit être coché

  • Démarrez votre en mode Download (volume bas+Home+Power) puis up pour valider
  • Lancez l'installation et attendez que PASS s'affiche et vert 
  • Débranchez le câble et appuyer longuement sur volume bas+Power, dès que l'écran s'éteint appuyez (Volume haut+Home+Power) pour démarrer en mode recovery

  • Une fois en Recovery installez la Rom.zip
  • Reboot, patientez pour la fin de l'installation complète 

Attendons vos retours !!

Merci @Tkkg1994


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Re: [G935F][ROM CUSTOM][6.0.1][PW][BPJ7] SuperMan-Rom - Préroot - V1.19x Aroma

Message par pateve le Lun 22 Mai - 14:37

Cool et merci


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