[G920F/G925F][ROM CUSTOM][5.1.1][XXU3QOLB] CRISSCROSS ROM V12.0 [Aroma Installer]

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[G920F/G925F][ROM CUSTOM][5.1.1][XXU3QOLB] CRISSCROSS ROM V12.0 [Aroma Installer]

Message par Sakura le Lun 22 Mai - 14:01

[G920F/G925F][ROM CUSTOM][5.1.1][XXU3QOLB] CRISSCROSS ROM V12.0 [Aroma Installer][DEV STOP]


Model SM-G925F
Model name GALAXY S6 Edge
Country South Africa
Version Android 5.1.1
Changelist 6506543
Build date Fri, 04 Dec 2015 04:58:11 +0000
Product code XFA

- Volume warning remove (maybe will appear 1 time only)
- Data toggle warning remove
- Init.d SQlite Optimizing database of apps (thanks to my friend @slaid480)
- Init.d Fstrim Optimizing system files (thanks to my friend @slaid480)
- Edit init.d support to fix the battery drain on some models
- Works on S6 / S6 Edge F/FD/I/T/K/L/S/W8
- Aroma Installer with wipe option
- Deodex
- Private mode fix
- Samsung theme pack
- Pre Rooted
- 5 Way reboot menu
- Universal Model Support 920/925
- Multi Language
- Vindicator kernel Uni-R5
- Buil.prop tweaks
* Fastboot and Shutdown speed
* Lockscreen Rotate on
* Remove ring delay
* Power saving
* Remove Knox
* Remove no sim card in phone message
* Fix black screen after call
* Wifi fix for other regions code
* Get Screen mirroring to work
* 3G Signal Optimization Tweaks
* Internet Speed Enhancement
* Fix app issues
* JPG quality 100%
* Disable logcat
* Improve Voice call clarity
* Disable Android Device Check in
* Faster scrolling
* Disable USB debugging icon from statusbar
- Removed from the rom all the Google bloatware, FB, Whatsapp, Skype ... you can download from Play store.
- Stock Themed
- Knox free
- Option to choose CSC at rom installation
- init.d support
Bloat and Debloat
- Option to remove bloatware app by app
- Option to add bloatware app by app
Model Variant Choices
- Option to install/remove Edge features
- Option to install Dual Sim support
- Option to install NFC Mod (NFC works if screen off and locked)
- Option to install/remove Toolbox floating feature
Additional Apps
- AdWare
- ES FileExplorer(Root)
- BetterBatteryStats
- OGYouTubeDownloader
- AppOps
- SamsungGameTuner
- Option to install different statusbars with and without 3MinitBattery
- Option to install different statusbars with and without removed data toggle off warning
- Option to install statusbar with 3MinitBattery for Alliance Framework
Theme Statusbar Icons
- Signal icon (51 options) (if you use Alliance you must choose stock signal icon and 4 bars in settings)
- Data icon
- Wifi icon (36 options)
- Wifi/Data arrows
- GPS icon
- Alarm icon
- Toggle Background (only for Alliance Framework, You must choose there glass toggle background style and white circle color of toggle in Alliance settings)
- Bluetooth icon
Boot and Shutdown Animations
- Option to add bootanimation from 31 boot animations
- Option to add shutdownanimation from 25 shutdown animations
Rom Mods
- Option to add/remove extra fonts SamsungSans Fontpack by @Winb33 to 1032 Fonts (29.09.2015)
- Option to add/remove fix for Google Play Service battery drain
- Option to add and remove subsymbols and exit pop up in browser
- Option to add netflix fix
- Option to add/remove big photo incoming call (Thx @AlexMailOne)
- Option to add/remove Multi user thx @Albe95 (for first time after reboot go to settings/user and tap on guest. Wait it to load guest ui and than go back to owner ui. Now you see the user switcher even on statusbar)
- Option to switch between Note5 and S6 default wallpapers
- Option to add/remove USB wakeup at plugin/plugout
- Option to choose bootsplash (46 options)
- Option to enable/disable boot sound
- Option to enable/disable charger connected sound (category sound)
- Option to install three kinds of audio options
1. Viper4 + Atmos (Lenovo Port) (thx @worstenbrood
2. Viper4 + Dolby Digital
3. Viper4 only
- Option to add and remove volume boost (dont work on W8 and T models)
- Option to add/remove Volume control Sound
- Option to add/remove Note5 Ringtones, Alarms an Systemsounds
CSC Tweaks
- Option to add CSC Tweaks
1 Add Subsymbols on stock keyboard
2 Remove Systemupdates in About Device
3 Add Callrec Button to Phone
4 Add Camera shutter sound switcher
5 Add Exit button to browser
6 Add automatic A-Z in appdrawer
7 Add Call/Message block in settings
8 Add second site to SmartManager with more features
DPI packs
- Option to switch between 560dpi and 640dpi pack
- Option to switch between S6 and Note5 launcher
- Option to install touchwiz launcher with 4x4, 4x5, 5x5 and 5x6 appdrawer (640dpi)
- Option to install/remove Xperia launcher


New base
Model SM-G925F
Model name GALAXY S6 Edge
Country South Africa
Version Android 5.1.1
Changelist 6506543
Build date Fri, 04 Dec 2015 04:58:11 +0000
Product code XFA
Updated Kernel to R5

  • Téléphone chargé
  • Avoir un Recovery compatible 5.1.1
  • Avoir désactivé l'option Réactivation Lock
  • Faire un backup complet
  • Sauvegarder tous ces contacts, données


  • Téléchargez la Rom et placez le fichier sur votre SD Interne
  • Démarrez votre en mode Recovery
  • Faire Full Wipe Recommandé
  • Flashez la Rom
  • Reboot system

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Re: [G920F/G925F][ROM CUSTOM][5.1.1][XXU3QOLB] CRISSCROSS ROM V12.0 [Aroma Installer]

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