[ROM CUSTOM][N6] AOSiP-V3.x-Marshmallow-6.0.1 [ThemeEngine]

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[ROM CUSTOM][N6] AOSiP-V3.x-Marshmallow-6.0.1 [ThemeEngine]

Message par lohanbarth le Sam 6 Fév - 18:45

Android Open Source Illusion Project

  • 1/Mettre la ROM et les Gapps sur votre SD interne ou externe.
  • 2/ Redémarrer en recovery.
  • 3/ Wipes data ,cache,dalvik ou ART,system ( ne pas faire internal SD )
  • 4/ Flasher la ROM.
  • 5/ Flasher les Gapps.
  • 6/ wipe cache.
  • 7/ Reboot system.



Busy box
Layers compatible
Native Google icon exposer for Layers
Doze enabled
Day/night toggle
Native Multi window (enable in Dev settings)
Advanced reboot
Clear all recents
Fixed Google connectivity
Add Google play services, Google app and account manager permissions
Remove lagging ass spinner on boot
Add color for apps optimizing (cause i love it)
Materialize toast background
Materialize text handles
Materialize some icons
Smooth out loading spinners
Smooth out upload/download icon
Fixed nav icon sizes
Rotating back button with keyboard
*Rotation options (0,90, 180, 270)
* Less annoying notifications
* Wake on plug/unplugging
* Control media only
* Clock and Date clickable in QSettings header
* AOSiP speedy fast optimizations
* Default long press recent for last app
*Notification and battery light

**Owl Nest ��
*Status bar
Double tap to sleep
Clock/ date options
Battery options
Color options for clock/ date
System UI Turner
QSettings quick pulldown

Long press back for murdering apps
Volume key cursor control
Volume wake
Other **** 


Fix VoLTE (enhanced calling) toggle for Verizon
Fix VoLTE- Unknown caller in outgoing call log
Fix Background in some apps while in dark mode
Heads up on/off toggle
Custom carrier label w/ color options
Color options for Navbar icons
DT2S Navbar
Navbar dimensions
Navbar enable/disable
Lockscreen wallpaper
Lockscreen blur options
Lockscreen weather
DT2S on lockscreen (status bar area)
Images (time controlled) in qsettings header
Weather in qsettings header
Option to disable brightness slider in qsettings
Expanded locations option qtile
Heads up on/off tile
Timeout tile
NFC tile
Screenshot tile
Ambient display tile
USB tether tile
Longpress actions for qsettings header (battery, clock, weather etc
cLock widget
Option for Google search bar in recents
Option for memory bar in recent
Skip tracks w/ volume longpress when screen is off
Expanded desktop
Rounded corners
Clear all recent fab
Location options for fab
Back up tool for gapps
Kernel to 3.10.92 Linux stable

Google on Tap ��
Menu for screen cast
Date to right of clock
Doubletap power to turn on camera
Merge r_26
Uber GCC5.2 toolchain
AOSP dialer and contacts apps themeable for dark


Fix Google Now On Tap for long press
Update Dark theme
Added power button option for NavBar
Added left side for quick settings pull down
Customized notification lights
Notification lights with screen on option
Customized Battery lights
Customized charging lights
Navbar cursor arrows
Locksreen app shortcuts (5 center screen)
Custom icons for lockscreen options
Lock screen shortcuts (2 corners)
Network traffic indicator for status bar
Battery bar
Battery bar option on lock screen
Customizable dotted circle battery
Battery % inside option
Gestures Anywhere
Double tap to wake
Color ALL the status bar things


Fix APN's on N6 - Shamu
Layers 4.0 commits
App Sidebar
Unlink ringer/ notification sounds
Toast animations
List view animations
System animations
Sync tile
Screen off tile with long press power menu
More optimizations under the hood


Reorient volume buttons on landscape
Replaceable top two tiles in quick settings
Add 4th row for quick tiles *see notes below
Last and most important KRONIC is back in status bar
Darken launcher 3


Re-base to Android 6.0.1
Now supporting CMTE not layers


Exposed Owls Nest headers for themes
Status bar color options- Notifications, System, Signal, Airplane Mode
*Battery will be done soon
Battery bar options- Hide, Status Bar, Top NavBar, Below NavBar
Location Tile- for single tap change/ long press details
Show apps optimizing dialog on first boot

Tiles- Owls Nest, Play music, Reboot/ Recovery, Battery Saver, Brightness
Navbar- Enable/Disable
Dimension options
Expanded Desktop
Color inversion toggle for ambient display
Slim Dim


Lockscreen wallpaper inside theme engine

A bunch of Theme Engine stuffs.. Exposing backgrounds, headers, dividers, etc etc lots..
Lockscreen short cuts: up to 20 scrollable
Tiles: NavBar, expanded desktop
Enable overflow (3 dot) menu in location

Link notification and ringtone
Slim Recents with app bar option
Animations: list view, system, toast
Reorient volume buttons on rotation
Lights with screen on notifications
Allow/prevent lights in zen mode
Enable/disable toast icon


Some icons not hiding in Icon Visibility
Force close coming out of sound settings

Google Nexus sounds/ ringtones
AOSP browers, calendar, clock
Added Documents file manger
Removed AOSP camera
Allow unlinking ringer with notification volume panel

PA -Pie
Back to kill option
Screen off long press power for torch
Quick settings header transparency
Quick settings shade transparency
Power menu transparency
Volume panel transparency
New Kronic Papers app

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Re: [ROM CUSTOM][N6] AOSiP-V3.x-Marshmallow-6.0.1 [ThemeEngine]

Message par yoda le Sam 6 Fév - 19:28

Super merci pour le partage  Cool  Cool      


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Re: [ROM CUSTOM][N6] AOSiP-V3.x-Marshmallow-6.0.1 [ThemeEngine]

Message par lohanbarth le Sam 6 Fév - 20:36

Avec plaisir Wink


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Re: [ROM CUSTOM][N6] AOSiP-V3.x-Marshmallow-6.0.1 [ThemeEngine]

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