[G920F][ROM CUSTOM][ANDROID 5.1.1] [XXU3QOLB] CRISSCROSS ROM V12 [Aroma Installer] [18/12/2015] [DEV STOP]

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[G920F][ROM CUSTOM][ANDROID 5.1.1] [XXU3QOLB] CRISSCROSS ROM V12 [Aroma Installer] [18/12/2015] [DEV STOP]

Message par yoda le Ven 13 Nov - 13:28


Phone Samsung Galaxy S6edge
Model SM-G925F
PDA Version G925IDVU3DOJ6
CSC Version G925IXSA3DOJ6
Region XSA
Build - 06.11.2015
Changelist 5951853
OS Lollipop
OS Version 5.1.1

- Volume warning remove (maybe will appear 1 time only)
- Data toggle warning remove
- Init.d SQlite Optimizing database of apps (thanks to my friend @slaid480)
- Init.d Fstrim Optimizing system files (thanks to my friend @slaid480)
- Edit init.d support to fix the battery drain on some models
- Works on S6 / S6 Edge F/FD/I/T/K/L/S/W8
- Aroma Installer with wipe option
- Deodex
- Private mode fix
- Samsung theme pack
- Pre Rooted
- 5 Way reboot menu
- Universal Model Support 920/925
- Multi Language
- Animations as default on 0.5
- UniKernel V9 (more)
- Tweaks for battery, speed, cleaning logs and more without compromise daily use!
- Removed from the rom all the Google bloatware, FB, Whatsapp, Skype ... you can download from Play store.
- Stock Themed
- Knox free
- Option to choose CSC at rom installation
- Option to choose KCSC (Keep current CSC code)
- init.d support
Bloat and Debloat
- Option to remove bloatware app by app
- Option to add bloatware app by app
Model Variant Choices
- Option to install/remove Edge features
- Option to install Dual Sim support
- Option to install Multi-Tasking tweak FHA - If don´t know what is read here
- Option to install NFC Mod (NFC works if screen off and locked)
- Option to install/remove Toolbox floating feature
- Option to activate all toggles
Additional Apps
- AdWare
- ES FileExplorer(Root)
- BetterBatteryStats
- OGYouTubeDownloader
- AppOps
- SamsungGameTuner
Kernel Profiles
- Option to choose between three different Kernel Profiles
- Option to push Xposed V75.6 files to device in category Frameworks. It include install, uninstall, Xposed app and a howto. All you find in folder /Xposed on internal SD card (category frameworks)
- Option to install different statusbars with and without 3MinitBattery
- Option to install different statusbars with and without removed data toggle off warning
- Option to install statusbar with 3MinitBattery for Alliance Framework
Theme Statusbar Icons
- Signal icon (51 options) (if you use Alliance you must choose stock signal icon and 4 bars in settings)
- Data icon
- Wifi icon (36 options)
- Wifi/Data arrows
- GPS icon
- Alarm icon
- Toggle Background (only for Alliance Framework, You must choose there glass toggle background style and white circle color of toggle in Alliance settings)
- Bluetooth icon
Boot and Shutdown Animations
- Option to add bootanimation from 31 boot animations
- Option to add shutdownanimation from 25 shutdown animations
Rom Mods
- Option to add/remove extra fonts SamsungSans Fontpack by @Winb33 to 1032 Fonts (29.09.2015)
- Option to add/remove fix for Google Play Service battery drain
- Option to add and remove subsymbols and exit pop up in browser
- Option to add netflix fix
- Option to add/remove big photo incoming call (Thx @AlexMailOne)
- Option to add/remove Multi user thx @Albe95 (for first time after reboot go to settings/user and tap on guest. Wait it to load guest ui and than go back to owner ui. Now you see the user switcher even on statusbar)
- Option to switch between Note5 and S6 default wallpapers
- Option to choose bootsplash (46 options)
- Option to enable/disable boot sound
- Option to enable/disable charger connected sound (category sound)
- Option to install three kinds of audio options
1. Viper4 + Atmos (Lenovo Port) (thx @worstenbrood
2. Viper4 + Dolby Digital
3. Viper4 only
- Option to add and remove volume boost (dont work on W8 and T models)
- Option to add/remove Volume control Sound
- Option to add/remove Note5 Ringtones, Alarms an Systemsounds
CSC Tweaks
- Option to add CSC Tweaks
1 Add Subsymbols on stock keyboard
2 Remove Systemupdates in About Device
3 Add Callrec Button to Phone
4 Add Camera shutter sound switcher
5 Add Exit button to browser
6 Add automatic A-Z in appdrawer
7 Add Call/Message block in settings
8 Add second site to SmartManager with more features
560dpi and edge+
- Option to switch between 560dpi and 640dpi
- Option to install touchwiz launcher with 4x4, 4x5, 5x5 and 5x6 appdrawer (640dpi)
- Option to install/remove touchwiz launcher edge+ with 560dpi
- Option to switch between Samsung camera 640dpi and 560dpi
- Option to switch between Samsung keyboard 640dpi and 560dpi

Avoir installé le dernier bootloader +modem de votre firmware (5.1.1)
Avoir son téléphone root  Arrow TUTO
Avoir désactivé l'option  verrouillage de réactivation  Arrow TUTO
Avoir installé, un recovery custom voir tutoriel  Arrow TUTO
Avoir sauvegardé votre dossier EFS  Arrow TUTO
Avoir une batterie bien chargée


Copier le fichier zip de la rom  dans la SD card de votre téléphone.
Téléphone éteint, redémarrer en mode recovery ( volume haut + home + power )
Dans le menu qui s'affiche, sélectionnez "Backup" puis choisissez  BACKUP TO SD/ CARD
La sauvegarde ce fait
Ensuite installe zip from sd card vous trouver le fichier que vous avez télécharger sur votre mémoire interne
Ensuite vous flasher le fichier
et un "wipe cache" et ensuite "reboot system now"

L'équipe du forum attend vos retours  Wink  Wink

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Re: [G920F][ROM CUSTOM][ANDROID 5.1.1] [XXU3QOLB] CRISSCROSS ROM V12 [Aroma Installer] [18/12/2015] [DEV STOP]

Message par Invité le Ven 13 Nov - 17:38

Merci pour ce partage !


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